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Here at Ember & Co., our goal is somewhat simple: provide elegant, timeless, high-quality apparel, bags, & accessories to our community! No one should sacrifice elegance and class because they enjoy pickleball. In fact, we believe in a world where pickleball brings a boost to your style.
This was the vision our owner & founder, Isaac, took upon himself to create. In September 2022, he quit his 9-to-5 job and traveled around the globe for months to acquire brand insight and inspiration. With the help and feedback of hundreds of athletes and just generally stylish people along the way, he founded Ember & Co. in January 2023. We like to think we're a tasteful blend of fashion & sport, elegance & practicality, and just a brand you can wear out and have your friends say, "Okay, slayyyy."
We're really glad you're here <3